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The course covers the following topics in detail.

       Introduction to Pipe Stress Analysis
  • Need for stress analysis (as per code).
  • Consequences of overstress.
  • Physical Quantities and Units used in pipe stress analysis.
       Principal Stresses and Failure Theories
  • Longitudinal, Circumferential and Radial Stresses.
  • Principal Axes and Principal Stresses.
  • Failure Theories:
          - Maximum Principal Stress Failure Theory.
          - Maximum Shear Stress Failure Theory (Tresca)     

       Design Pressure, Design Temperature and Allowable Stress
  • Definition of Design Pressure and Design Temperature.
  • Basis for Allowable Stress.
  • Allowable Stresses at “hot” and “cold” conditions, that is, Sh and Sc.
  • Code Tables for Allowable Stresses.
  • Pipe wall thickness Calculations
  • Reinforcement Pad Calculations
       Loads on Piping Systems
  • Primary and Secondary Loads.
  • Self – Limiting and Non-Self – Limiting Characteristics of Loads.
  • Sustained and Occasional Loads.
  • Static and Dynamic Loads.
  • Bending Stresses in Pipes.
  • Longitudinal Stress and Torsional Stress.
  • Code Criteria for Design.
       Thermal Stresses in Piping Systems
  • Thermal Expansion / Contraction of Materials.
  • Stresses Due to Thermal Expansion / Contraction.
  • Thermal Fatigue and Cyclic Stress Reduction Factor.
  • Design Criteria for Thermal Stresses:
          - Stress Intensification Factors (SIFs).
          - Allowable Stress Range for Thermal Expansion.
          - Calculation of Expansion Stress Range

Participants are provided with introduction to pipe stress analysis software (such as Piping Modeling & Analysis and generation of stress reports & suggestions).

Entire training is carried out based on actual industrial assignments. Training can be arranged on week-ends for working people.

            Duration: Full time batch: Approximately 30 days (9.30 a.m. to  5 p.m.)

Joining : One can join at any mutually convenient time.
Course fees: call us to know. Concession will be offered in the fees for the participants joining in group.

Who can join? Degree or Diploma holders in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering.

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