The course covers the following topics in depth.

Introduction to Pipelines

  • Introduction
  • Types of Pipelines
  • General Operation of Petroleum Pipeline Systems
  • Pipeline Industry Overview
  • Some Industrial Statistics
  • Indian Pipelines

Fundamentals of Pipelines

  • Pipeline Fluids
  • Line Pipes - materials, manufacturing and coating
  • Pipeline flow - Liquids
  • Pumps for Liquid Pipelines
  • Pipeline flow - Gases
  • Compressors for Gas Pipelines

Pipeline Economics

  • Introduction
  • Pipeline Economics

Design of Pipelines

  • Fundamentals of Pipeline Design
  • Design of Oil Transmission Pipelines
  • Design of Gas Transmission Pipelines

Construction Practices for Pipelines

Pipeline Operations

  • Oil Pipelines
  • Gas Pipelines

Distribution Pipeline Systems

  • Liquid Distribution Pipelines
  • Gas Distribution Pipelines

Other Pipelines

  • Solid transportation Pipelines
  • Two-Phase Pipelines
  • Energy Transportation Pipelines

Pipeline Transients

  • Liquid Pipelines

            Duration: Full time batch: Approximately 30 days (9.30 a.m. to  5 p.m.)

Joining : One can join at any mutually convenient time.
Course fees: call us to know. Concession will be offered in the fees for the participants joining in group.

Who can join? Degree or Diploma holders in Chemical or Mechanical Engineering.

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